EGM Safety Covers

#STOPTHESPREAD - Demonstrate your venue’s commitment to providing your community with a clean, safe and healthy environment. 

EGM Safety Covers - Patent Pending - Patent Application No. 2020901481

  • Basic & Custom Design Options Available
  • Smart, branded covers
  • Easy Fit Slip Cover - Superstretch Poly-Elastane, One Size Fits All
  • Height to fit tallest EGM
  • Sealed Protection - fastening at the base


    • Simply slip the cover over machines that will be out of use to comply with appropriate social distancing regulations.
    • Cost effective, simple and effective way to meet the government requirements of machine usage during social distancing measures.
    • The EGM cover allows you to stop customers from touching out of use machines, reducing the risk of contamination and cleaning requirements. 
    • Out of sight out of mind. Covering machines from view will minimise potential disputes between customers and staff when a preferred machine is out of use. 


    *Delivery times depend on freight transit times, port clearance and any other COVID-19 related delays*


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